Ryan Underwood

I am a Product Manager, and former Senior Art Director, currently living and working in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

I specialize in delivering thoughtfully built, data, and design driven solutions and internal products for Mortgage and Real Estate companies.

I am a multi-disciplinary Product Manager, Designer, and Art Director based in Cleveland Heights, specializing in branding, user research, prioritization, and execution. Since 2014 I have worked with real estate, and mortgage companies like CBRE, JLL, and John Buck Company to create unique and interesting branding experiences.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, I am currently a Product Manager at CrossCountry Mortgage.

CrossCountry Mortgage

January 2019 — Present

Product Manager

  • Define product goals, and roadmapping.
  • Meet with stakeholders to help define key features, prioritization, acquire feedback, and determine long term goals for internal proudcts.
  • Determine, prioritize, and schedule key features to be pushed through various design and developement sprints.
  • Monitor and intake user feedback to prioritize user flow fixes, updates, and successes.
  • Collaborate with designers and developers to plan, execute, and successfully navigate sprints to work through product updates and backlog of features.

Senior Art Director

  • Develop and build branding guidelines for corporate branding.
  • Design and build scalable branding systems to accomodate 2000 teams.
  • Design, maintain, and develop a scalable UI system for internal products, applications, websites, and landing pages.
  • Develop and maintain a SCSS/CSS library and development components.
  • Lead UI/UX strategies for the corporate website, and internal products.
  • Lead project management strategies utilizing Basecamp, Notion, and internal ticketing systems.

Perl Mortgage

November 2016 - January 2019

Senior Art Director

  • Develop and build branding guidelines for corporate branding.
  • Design and lead internal and external facing web experiences.
  • Lead project management strategies and structures.

Frey Design Group

Senior Designer

  • Develop branding strategies for commercial and residential real estate corporations.
  • Design and develop touch tours for commercial building lobbies.
  • Structure and build out project management systems.
  • Build and management Jekyll based websites.
Brand Strategy

Clearly defining who the client wants to be and then providing research-based guidance on how to approach the future.

Design & Identity

Using strategy to develop a unique brand that’s not only visually engaging, but also faithful to their vision.

Front-End Development

Building out compelling, clean, and secure sites using Jekyll and Forestry.io.

Digital Marketing

Promoting the clients’ brands on the ever-changing digital landscape via strategy, social media, SEO, and more.

Content Development

Engaging, tailored copy for websites, social media accounts, advertising campaigns, and more.

Art Direction

Working with an established team to help zero in and solve a specific problem, or polish up brand guidelines.