What is Takenotes?

Takenotes is a freelance design studio focusing on branding, web design, and creative strategies for Real Estate, Mortgage Institutions, and Small Businesses.

It's actually the freelance studio run by me, Ryan Underwood.

As an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary designer I approach problems with intelligence, research, and experience. I conceptualize and create designs with a clean and reductive voice specializing in branding, web design, interface and some front-end development. I am currently looking for Remote Freelance (or a full-time gig if it's the right fit) projects for clients that need thoughtful, and well-crafted branding, web design, and marketing materials.


Work Experience

Perl Mortgage

Art Director and Developer
  • Conceptualize and create User Interfaces and Experiences for mobile/web applications, and upcoming web redesign projects.
  • Conceptualize digital and printed marketing materials for both internal and external facing clients.
  • Manage web content through Wordpress CMS
  • Develop front end HTML/CSS for internal and external websites and events utilizing JS plugins as well.
  • Design and implement email marketing strategies.
  • Develop new strategies and products to be implemented in the digital loan process.

Frey Design Group

Senior Designer
  • Through Creative processes conceptualize, design, build, and deploy branding, websites, email campaigns, and presentations for various clients and industries.
  • Utilize HTML/CSS/JS to develop webpages, emails, and touch tours in a web environment.


Senior Designer
  • Design for internal clients for events, advertising, and publication layouts for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and digital media.
  • Lead animation for a digital multimedia, and video news stories.
  • Design advertising for external clients for small businesses to be used in a variety of publications.

Mauge Design

  • Development of branding, web design, and marketing materials for Real Estate Developments and Automotive Clients.

Formal Learning

Illinois Institute of Art Chicago

  • Learn and build a strong foundation on design principles and ideologies. Utilize the foundations to develop a unique voice and design sense. Yeah, I learned Adobe, too.

Feeling like I'd be a good fit for your next project or team? Shoot me an email to chat and get the ball rolling.

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