Building Canopy

Canopy is a small design outfit (or agency for lack of a better word) that was started by a friend and myself. Jess (the friend) has a keen mind for copy, business, and non-profit work. When I was an intern I designed at a really small agency that was called Creative-Go-Round. The work was great, creative, and helped out great causes.

Non-profit design is often something that is severely lacking. Part of that problem is budget. Many organizations cannot afford full on agencies, but often have projects that stretch a budget thin. That’s part of why we’re building Canopy. It’s a good mixture of Real Estate clients to help pay the bills, and mixed in is a good chunk of non-profit work at mostly discounted rates.

We’re able to do this by having experience in non-profit work, but also utilizing interns that want to design for good, but need design experience for school and themselves.

The Site

The site was extremely easy to build. It relies heavily on Jekyll, Github, Forestry, and Formspree. This allows us to keep some of our internal costs low. Aside from using our own equipment - we are using the free (but not lacking in features) products.


Jekyll is static site generator that helps build a blog aware site or portfolio without having to deal with the intricacies of php in Drupal or Wordpress.


Another great service for hosting the code in repositories for versioning.

This is easily one of my favorite products. It adds a beautiful UI similar to WordPress that allows Jekyll to really come to life.

Visit Canopy at