Buckler Milwaukee


The Buckler is a five sided office building located in Milwaukee. They needed some branding, and materials to reflect the downtown feel and attract clients/businesses to rent or purchase office space. The idea was to keep it professional, classy, and reflect the odd shape of the building.



To begin the project the district of where the building resides, it's history, and architectural renderings. From there photos of the lot, maps, roads, and birds-eye footage were also taken into consideration.

Logo Creation

The best course of action was developing a simple geometric mark representing the five sides of the building while being able to appeal to the types of clients that the building was aimed at.


The marketing material was built off the logo, colors, and typography established. The layouts needed to remain interesting but also be able to convey the information to persuade tenants to come in and rent.


Freelance Designer




  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Email Design