Two Rivers Mortgage


Two Rivers Mortgage is a local 3 person operation with ambition. They wanted a new logo that could contend with larger, heavy hitters. On top of a logo they wanted a web platform that could be built on over time. The catch was they wanted a static site.


Logo Creation

The logo is created from the intersection of two rivers, the Fox and Illinois, in LaSalle County. The mark starts off here, but also takes on the shape of a rooftop as well.


They didn't have any social to begin with. I monitored closely what mortgage companies were doing and built off that, but better. The mortgage industry is extremely word of mouth, and great social media can only amplify that.

To achieve this we focused on 4-5 social templates to relay tips, listings, fun facts, and some catch-all information that a user could enjoy and engage with.


The website needed to be cleaned up and rethought so that a borrower could navigate the site based on their specific part of the journey. Someone who is refinancing is on a different path than an investment property, or a first-time homebuyer. Putting those options first helped them get borrowers started on the right direction.

The site is being built on Jekyll, and using for CMS. This allowed for multiple post types for team members, loan programs, and a contact form using Formspree. The online application is easily handled through third-party applications such as Blend.


Freelance Designer


Two Rivers Mortgage


  • Branding
  • Web Design
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