Case Study

Two Rivers Mortgage

Building a scalable design system for a local mortgage company to bring them to big leagues.

The Problem

Two Rivers Mortgage was suffering from outdated branding, a design system that they couldn't scale, and difficulty looking professional compared to large brands. They didn't have the resources in-house to build a new brand or the know-how to scale and compete. They knew they wanted something that would reflect an updated brand and draw from representing where they're from and their community.

The Solution

The goal was to create a logo representative of where their primary office is — the meeting of two rivers. The dots represent the communities and homes positioned along these two rivers.

The logo can be split up to create a pattern used across marketing material and surround the headlines. The colors used are modern, ADA compliant, intentional, and ownable.

Looking at the above it is clear that their branding needed a little work. This laid the groundwork for the new rebranding, however. I was able to pull shades of blue and green from the logo and use them in the rebranding. The mark now would be more simplistic and can be used in many different mediums. The choice to ditch a house icon means they can branch into other areas if they want, and not all homebuyers identify a house as a home.

The primary typefaces used are GT America and Lyon Display. The colors are more systematically used versus haphazardly. The materials are cleaner and less cluttered to allow in-house printing if needed and still retain their aesthetic.